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On this beautiful Island of Hawaiʻi, we respect and honor the land still forming under our feet. We cultivate, harvest, and fish sustainably. We look after our community.

Kuleana Rum is made right here on the Island of Hawai‘i from 40 heirloom varieties of kō (sugarcane), which we harvest by hand, press, and distill into Kuleana Hawaiian Rum Agricole and blend into Kuleana Huihui®. We also blend our Kuleana Nanea® from exceptional rums we discovered around the world.  



Fresh Hawaiian sugarcane juice distilled into exceptionally flavorful rum.

We hand cut each stalk of kō, press it into fresh sugarcane juice, ferment it using a special yeast and distill it in a hand-made, copper alembic pot still. This is slow, careful process makes delicious and flavorful rum showcases the magnificence of the kō.

Enjoy it neat or quietly, with a splash of simple syrup and squeeze of lime.



A blend of aged rums that delivers suberb depth, balance and character.

We blend three carefully-selected, variously-aged rums from around the world, meticulously considering how each contributes to the foundation, body and accents, until the blend is unmistakably nanea (fascinating). This should be enjoyed naked or in a classic cocktail.

Nanea is a word that sums up the Hawaii-effect. It means: “of absorbing interest; fascinating, enjoyable; relaxed, at ease, tranquility, amused.” It especially means “to have a good time.”

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A blend of unaged agricole and traditional rum that offers the exotic with the familiar.

Huihui blends a delicious, light, molasses-based Papua New Guinea rum with Kuleana Hawaiian Rum Agricole as well as an exceptional agricole from Martinique to create a super drinkable rum that has more than a hint of exotic. Huihui is something that is “mixed, mingled, united; or pooled together.”

Huihui can be a group of people, a constellation of stars, or a great Mai-Tai.

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Kuleana Distillery is the only one of its kind on the Big Island 


You can purchase bottles of Kuleana at the Rum Shack and in the following locations in the U.S.

Rum Agricole made with Native Hawaiian Sugarcane
Rum Agricole made with Native Hawaiian Sugarcane

January 28, 2021

When we recognize we all have an equal right to these type of things, such as the crops that have collectively been developed by groups of people, then the emphasis becomes not on ownership and rights, but no one's responsibility to use them appropriately.

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Fly over the Kuleana Sugarcane Farm
Fly over the Kuleana Sugarcane Farm

October 09, 2020

Get a birds' eye view by watching this video of aerial footage over Upolu Point and the Kuleana Sugarcane Farm.

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Hawai'i Magazine: This Hawaiʻi Island Rum is All About the Farm-To-Glass Experience
Hawai'i Magazine: This Hawaiʻi Island Rum is All About the Farm-To-Glass Experience

August 13, 2020

It’s notoriously windy in North Kohala. Trade winds reliably blast Hawai‘i Island’s northern coast and the smoothed hump of its oldest volcano.  

It’s morning as I step out of an air-conditioned tour vehicle onto the dusty landscape. Tucked behind a row of windmills, on a 40-acre plot, leafy stems tower above me, shaking in the wind. Sugar. If you visited this spot 150 years ago, the scene would be similar (minus the windmills, of course): The relentless Hawaiian sun, a sparkling blue ocean backdrop and the trade winds coaxing cane leaves to emit rain sounds when there’s barely a cloud in the sky. 

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