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Private: HUIHUI


1 each – Huihui, Nanea, Hawaiian Rum Agricole, and Hokulei

Beverage Tasting Institute’s (BTI) highest rated unaged white rum, Huihui is something that is “mixed, mingled, united, or pooled together.” Huihui can be a group of people, a constellation of stars, or a great Mai Tai.

BASE RUM: To create this delicious, light and exotic rum, we chose for its base a light molasses-based Papua New Guinea rum, distilled to 90-94% ABV.

BODY RUM: To build its distinct flavor profile, we blended in our own premium Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice, and distilled to 60-74% ABV.

ACCENT RUM: To top off this super drinkable, exotic rum, we then added an exceptional agricole from Martinique, distilled to 74% ABV.

NOTES: tropical fruits, fresh pressed sugarcane, caramelized sugar, vanilla, key lime

‘Clear color. Aromas of green banana, green olives, green papaya, guava bread pudding, starfruit, and apple with a silky, vibrant, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a peppery, interesting, medium-length green peppercorns, pimento, and dill finish. A funky agricole-style rum with a lush, tropical green character perfect for cocktail play.’  – Beverage Tasting Institute



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