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A great rum is like great art…

you take the time to drink it in,

relax with it,

enjoy it,

and rejoice in a moment of life.

Huihui Rum

ABV: 40%



Huihui is something that is “mixed, mingled, united, or pooled together.” Huihui can be a group of people, a constellation of stars, or a great Mai Tai.

TASTING NOTES: tropical fruits, fresh pressed sugarcane, caramelized sugar, vanilla, key lime BASE RUM: To create this delicious, light and exotic rum, we chose for its base a light molasses-based Papua New Guinea rum, distilled to 90-94% ABV.

BODY RUM: To build its distinct flavor profile, we blended in our own premium Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice, and distilled to 60%-74% ABV.

ACCENT RUMS: To top off this super drinkable, exotic rum, we then added an exceptional agricole from Martinique, distilled to 74% ABV. 


Nanea Rum

ABV: 43%



Nanea is a word that sums up the Hawai‘i effect. It means: “of absorbing interest; fascinating, enjoyable; relaxed, at ease,  tranquility, amused.” It especially means “to have a good time.”

TASTING NOTES: light orange peel, caramel, vanilla, Bourbon, Oloroso sherry, dried mango, baking spices and clover honey

BASE RUM: To create this intriguing, round and balanced rum, we chose for its base a beautiful molasses-based rum from Guatemala, distilled to 90-94% ABV and aged in Bourbon barrels for two years.

BODY RUMS: To build its gorgeous depth and flavor, we blended in our own super-flavorful Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice, distilled to 60%-74% ABV and aged 18 months in Cognac barrels; and a rich molasses-based rum from Venezuela distilled to 85% ABV and aged 2-8 years in ex-Bourbon barrels.

ACCENT RUMS: To increase Nanea’s dynamic range and make it sing, we then added two molasses-based rums from Trinidad (funky-rich) and El Salvador (mature oak), aged 3-5 years and five years in ex-Bourbon barrels, respectively.


Hawaiian Rum Agricole

ABV: 40%


Named by Wine Enthusiast as a “Top 100 Spirit”, our signature rum is one of the rarest rums in the world. We make it from the fresh juice of estate-grown Hawaiian heirloom sugarcane (kō) on our farm in Kohala, Hawai‘i. The sugarcane juice is fermented using a special yeast and distilled in a handmade, copper pot still to 60-74% ABV. This slow, careful process makes delicious and flavorful rum that showcases the magnificence of the kō.

An exceptionally flavorful rum perfect for sipping neat or in world-class cocktails.

Less than 5% of rum is made as an Agricole: rum made from fresh sugarcane juice.

TASTING NOTES: green bananas, fuji apple, cherries, Japanese plum, starfruit, lemongrass, and an Everlasting Gobstopper finish


Hokulei Aged Rum

ABV: 46%



Hōkūlei (garland of stars) is the name of a constellation of stars forming a lei, which marks the middle of the night sky. A sublime sipping rum created to rival the world’s finest spirits. Hōkūlei is a blend of seven rums aged 18-months to 18 years including our own Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole.

TASTING NOTES: ripe banana, saltwater taffy, toasted pineapple, lime zest, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, Caribbean jerk spices, mangosteen, lilikoi, Medjool dates, dry sherry, rum soaked raisin, and toasted oak with hints of koji mushrooms

BASE RUMS: To create this kaleidoscope of magnificence, we started with four molasses rums from Panama, Nicaragua, Barbados, and Venezuela. Each was distilled to 85%-94% ABV and aged 2-3 years, 3-8 years, 5-8 years, and 8 years, respectively.

BODY RUMS: We added gorgeous layers of depth and flavor by blending in two rums: our very own Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice, distilled to 60%-74% ABV and aged 18 months in Cognac barrels; and a 15-year aged rum made from molasses in Barbados distilled to 90%-94% ABV.

ACCENT RUM: To put Hōkūlei in the upper echelon of spirits, we added complexity and intrigue with a lovely (yet challenging) molasses-based rum from Trinidad, distilled to 90%-94% ABV and aged 18 years.


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