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To make our signature Hawaiian Rum Agricole, we grow and harvest kō (Hawaiian heirloom sugarcane) on our 44-acre farm on the Kohala coast. When the Polynesian Wayfinders settled Hawai‘i ~1,000 years ago they planted two to four original varietals, or canoe plants. From these, they developed ~35 varietals, unique to Hawai‘i, which were cherished for their beautiful flavors and colors.  It’s the slow, multi-millennial cultivation of kō throughout the Pacific that makes Kuleana Rum so special. Each varietal of heirloom cane has a unique story and flavor profile that cannot be duplicated by molasses or processed sugar. Kuleana Rum Works pays homage to this piece of treasured Hawaiian history and ensures it lives on.

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Back at the distillery, we ferment the fresh sugarcane juice using a special yeast and distill it into rum with our handmade, copper pot still. We distill at a low 50-75 ABV (alcohol by volume), which makes an uncommonly flavorful spirit. This slow, careful process makes a sensuous and exceedingly rare rum that showcases the magnificence of the kō. Awards include a Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Top 100 Spirits of 2022 from Wine Enthusiast magazine, as its highest rated white rum.


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We take our beautiful Hawaiian Rum Agricole and age it in ex-Cognac and Bourbon barrels to use it as the magic in our world-class blends. Using the Cognac method of blending by starting with a delicious base, building the body to create drama and dynamic range, then highlighting with an accent to create a memorable sip, every time. This creates flavorful products not available anywhere else in the world. We build our rums to create specific rums that surprise and delight for every cocktail and occasion. Accolades for our blends include a Double Gold Medal from the New York World Spirits Competition and the highest rating for an unaged white rum the Beverage Tasting Institute has ever reviewed.